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FS: A few small/medium bubble tips...$25 each


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I was practicing my anemone removing skills and got three of these guys off my rocks. They're in a jar under pretty white light, but are more pink than what they're showing. The other photo is of the master colony under the blues of my DT. That whole rock becomes a bubble garden as soon as the moon lights come on. Probably 20ish on there...

I'm in NE portland - thinking $25/each. I got three of 'em...



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It seems anemone removal is in the vogue right now.

How does everyone get their nems to split? Mine is so happy he's just MASSIVE, instead of splitting. I'm not sure if I'm better off with mine being one big nem or many small nems in terms of not killing nearby corals.

Anyways. Glws!

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Haha. I was inspired by all the other posts and wanted to try to get some off because they’re taking over my tank. I started with one and now there’s easily 25-30. I don’t know why these split so much but it’s exponential once it’s starts. For the most part they bubble up and seem happy. I’ve only had one that decided to rest on top of some zoas. A week of blasting it with a power head solved that issue. 

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