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How to kill black sponge

Manny Tavan

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8 hours ago, islandVib3s said:

Just take it out of water, or put a bubbler by it. It should kill it.

Common misperception. Not all sponges will die by exposure to air. Many will, but many are also intertidal and can tolerate it to some extent.

Still worth a try as you say though.

9 hours ago, Manny Tavan said:

There is some black sponge growing in between the heads of my lobo. What can I dip it in to kill the sponge? I have revive, coralrx and bayer at home. 

Don't think any of those will kill it. Personally aside from @islandVib3s's idea of using air, you could also use a syringe and inject hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or boiling rodi water into it (taking care not to spurt that onto your corals). That should kill it. 

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