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tanks for sale, need gone


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Unfortunately my apartment manager has been replaced and the new one is a real bit** threatening with evictions about a weed plant on my patio saying they are federally compliant when i dont even use section 8 or any government assistance! in a month or two there will be a inspection and i possibly will need to sell these tanks or atleast a few people ready to buy incase the worst happens unless anyone has a space for another aquarist to rent! i want to sell these tanks as is and am offering to meet or deliver 

heres the tanks & what they have; what im asking for or the best offer im making a list so say hi

Tank 1. 12 gal Mr Aqua $250                 12 pounds of dead rock  $24.        2 Aquanight led lights$150. Lightning maroon breeding pair $200.  Red Finger Gorgonian $50.    Aqueon preset heater $5.            HOB FILTER $25.  ANEMONE $25.  HAWAIN FEATHER AND COCOWORM $45          GRACELARIA HAYI $20 RedGrapeChalurpa $20.    Wavemaker $25 Im asking $500 total around $700

Tank 2.     12 gal Fresh water bookshelf $200. plants $100 heater $45 2 dwarf mexican lobsters $25each  6 red cherry shrimp spongefilter and pump $30 Amazonian plant substrate vers.2 $25 gold dust molly and 20 Indonesian blue dragon guppy fry $120 some endler guppy and kili loach china box light w/custom led $30 mounting gear $20 total is around 600 im asking $300

Tank 3. 6Gal bookshelf 100 aquaskylight$40 wavemaker adjustable max flow $100 breeding pair ora premium snowflake clowns $150  custom made rock $25 Sponge filter and nice pump $45 w/lid $15 Halloween Hermit medium $20 total $480 asking $300

Tank 4. 10 gal rimless freshwater tank $40 HOB filter $30 Custom ceramic mushrooms and seal $45 Plants $20 imagitarium 3 way isolation nursery tank $20  Breeding Trio rare Blue Dragon Indo. guppys A+++ show quality $65 Total $270 im asking $200

Tank 5. 20 Gal Breeder $20 Ai prime 16hd (the new one) less then a yr old $135. Icecap Gyro nano skimmer (less then a yr old) $120 HOB Refugium1gal $35 refugium light $20 Marineland canister filter 160 (1 yr oldwell maintained) $150 Heater $45 Koralia wavemaker $50 Over $300 in coral not wanting to list it out(nems lps lost of zoas and palys) GoldxLightning maroon mature confirmed breeding pair $450 

math is hard its worth over $1300 and im asking $700 this one will come with all the testing kits by red sea and multiple additives (calcium new, magnesium and alk large bottles new) cleaning supplies frag plugs, bags, buckets etc

If you read all this thanks for your time this all needs new homes as i unfortunately my inspection is in a month these are good deals! and if you cant or dont wanna buy the tank ill need people atleast lined up for live stock and ill be making a list and notes to keep track of you so speak up and ill keep in touch here is my number 50tree-seven0E 856E the best way to reach me is by text as i work a full time job and im located in portland thanks again for your time

     bye now🥰



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