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Handiest Aquarium tool... on Black Friday Sale

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Last Xmas, a very creative friend gave me the Handiest Aquarium Tool I've had in Years. ...    A painting platform, to stand on while working in the tank.    

I've used step stools as my reefing go to...  they're now obsolete for me.  This thing is amazing.   Walk back and forth whole length of my tank.  Light weight/easy to move. ...

Normally $70 at Home Depot.  This weekend, I spotted this sale going on.    $35 for this platform is a no brainer.    Heads up.

On Sale



In front of my tank



Another view (tank was in blackout for Dinos)


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That went amazingly fast.  As you can see, the box I pulled my 2nd one from was full.  This was the HD just north of Hwy 26, at Murray exit.  

(Yes, I bought a spare.   Because it's also good for painting, and I wouldn't want to mix painting and Aquarium supplies.)

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Black Friday Updates, from Lowes this time.   Seems they have an equiv fixed platform ladder also for $35 (normally $60), and an adjustable height one for $98 (normally $125).  I haven't seen either in person, just noticed them in the ads.    







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