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Crashed tank

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So looks like my tank crashed. I checked levels nitrate 2, phosphate. 04, alk 10.   I did brush alge off pallys and about 20 mins later everything closed up.  30 minutes later my clam began to retract and gape.   The next day a huge alge bloom started and most of my corals are dead or melting.  

Question...3 days later (today) i was going to remove my clam, but he was still attached to a rock. Does this mean he is still alive?  

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No,  sadly.  the byssal gland on the clam is what creates fibrous like attachments to the rocks.  It’s not living tissue and will continue to hold the clam shell to the rocks even after death.


if you ever go to the coast a great visual of what byssal glands do is to look at the mussels and how they are attached.   Clams don’t do it the same as mussels, but similarly enough. 

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I did put in carbon on the same day and even a uv sterilizer because i thought the same thing.  Im gauging the impact mostly by if clam releases from the rock so I can move forward and start over.  It sucks because of the coral that was lost has been doing good for years.  

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