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Giant Equipment Sale!!

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I'll give you a deal if you buy multiple items. Shoot me a PM. Located in SE Portland

  • Giesemann Aurora Hybrid LED/T5 Light - $600 OBO
  • Korallin S-1502 Bio-Denitrator -$200
  • Avast Skimmate Locker - $80
  • Neptune COR-20 (2000GPH, USB included) - sold
  • Milwaukee pH controller - sold
  • BRS 4-stage 150 GPD RO/DI filter (with pressure gauge and TDS meter) No media - sold
  • Tunze Osmolator ATO - $40 this is missing a float sensor and needs some new tubing
  • 2 x JBJ ATO (no pump) - $30 each
  • Red Sea Magnesium (new) -$5
  • IM Gourmet Defroster (new) -$5
  • Triton ICP Professional Seawater Analysis - $30
  • Red Sea Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit - $10
  • Red Sea Trace Colors Pro Multi Test Kit - $10
  • Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kit - $10
  • Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit (new) -$25
  • Hanna Nitrate Colorimeter (like new, used 1 time) - sold
  • Hanna Phosphate Colorimeter (1 reagent) - sold
  • Hanna Alkalinity Colorimeter (no reagent) - sold
  • 2 x Handheld Refractometer - sold
  • E-Marco Aquascaping Cement (new) - $15
  • Ecoplus 1/4 HP chiller - $70
  • Neptune Apex Auto Top Off Kit - $190
  • Zen Reef Small Mushroom Box (non-magnetic) - $10


Giesemann Aurora Hybrid LED/T5 Light - $600 OBO

  • Sold as-is: 1 of 2 the T5 channels is out but the light is still plenty bright. I've replaced both ballasts but that did not fix the issue. I suspect it's a wiring issue


1 T5 channel out indicated by arrows


Light on:


Korallin S-1502 Bio-Denitrator -$200

  • Used for nitrate reduction but you can put any media into it (like convert it to a calcium reactor or use carbon/GFO)


Avast Skimmate Locker - $80


Tunze Osmolator ATO missing float sensor and needs new tubing - $40


2 x JBJ ATO (no pump) - $30 each


Red Sea Magnesium (new) -$5


IM Gourmet Defroster (new) -$5


2 x Triton ICP Professional Seawater Analysis - $30 each (1 left)


Red Sea Foundation Pro Multi Test Kit - $10


Red Sea Trace Colors Pro Multi Test Kit - $10


Red Sea Marine Care Multi Test Kit - $10


Red Sea Nitrate Pro Test Kit (new) -$25


E-Marco Aquascaping Cement (new) - $10














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    • By ibondy
      Spring cleaning my garage.
      Brand new sump (in box) Trigger Elite Crystal 36 - $200  Skimz Bio pellet reactor large - $75 Skimz Bio pellet reactor small - $50 BRS dosers 50ml per minute - 6 of them $40 each (3 pumps sold) Snapper/Dart Hybrid - slightly used - $150 Dart/Snapper Gold Hybrid - never used - $250 BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual - $30 each - have 2 EC plus air compressor 1300 gph /5.22 PSI - 30$ GenX pump PCX30 - $25 EC plus pump 1584 gph - $20 EC plus pump 1056 gph 30 Coralbox dosing container 3x1500ml - $10 (Sold) Whisper 20 air pump $10 Jebao wave maker TW10 magnetic - $30 Discount for multiple items. 
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      hello all,
      I am looking at lighting options for my new set up and stumbled upon the Reed Breeder lights. BRS and Reef News Network seem to like them but I was wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience with them. Also if any of you have other suggestions of a light that is relatively inexpensive, delivers good par and coverage, send them my way! btw the tank dimensions are the same as a 40 gal breeder. 
      btw if anyone is selling their reef breeder lights specifically the photon 32 V2 let me know
    • By reefrun
      IM NUVO FUSION 30L (30 gallon, long) tank + steel/wood stand and adjustable feet
      Tank is AIO and in perfect shape, other than a couple small scratches Includes cover, upgraded Skimz Quiet Pro DC adjustable pump, heater, 3 filter socks, and nano flipper Tank/stand - $250
      Tunze 9004 Comline Skimmer - $70 (missing silencer, but I don't notice a difference in sound)
      Tunze Nano Osmolator ATO - $50
       AI Prime, non-HD,  lights with arms ( 2) - $100 each, $170 for the pair
      I've been using the tank in my office and upgrading to a 65g (shout out to Cuttlefish!!!!). I'm setting up the new tank tomorrow, but the 30L won't be ready to pick up until I get everything transferred over in the next couple days. Not interested in trades, trying to recoup some of the upgrade costs ** 
      Location - Lake Oswego

    • By air561
      Hey guys, I have a 21 gal nano and this XR30 was way too strong for it. I used it for about 6 months before I took it down and replaced it with a Kessel A80. This thing is killer and will grow anything you want. Fully programmable. I have all manual and warranty paperwork as well. It's clean and every LED works.

    • By bamburgb
      Currently have 3 reefcorner 180p lights 2 work good 1 half the lights blue channel is out and needs a diode replaced.  I have ran them for a quite a while but recently changed lights and do not need them.
      They are 180 watt fully programmable on the face plate with timers and dimmers built in. They ramp up and down on the intensity based on your settings you put in. 3 channels (night, whites, blues) and each channel has 6 set points. 
      $100 obo
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