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Dwarf Hawkfish for sale


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I have a dwarf hawkfish I thought I would post for sale, this is a adult he is about 2-3/4" and very healthy and entertaining. He has been in my tank with no issues till lately he dicided that my small jawfish was a fun punching bag, so he has to go.


Anyone interested needs to let me know by Monday afternoon or he is getting sent to LFS store, he is in QT now so hes ready to go, he is one of the funest fish to watch and very outgoing.


Im trading him in for $20 so if you want him its $20 by Monday afternoon.



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Threw a trap in Friday and caught him Saturday... So easy... LOL. Hes a great fish and fun to feed but I need to keep with super low aggressors due to future plans for dragon pipefish and fairy wrasse. However I have kept him with Sexy shrimp and others, I just can't risk him freaking one day.

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