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LED Soldering


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Is there anyone here that happens to be highly proficient with LEDs and soldering? 

I have a very basic understanding of electronics and soldering mainly from my old touring band days and putting together cables and wiring up guitars, but I have recently gotten into considering modding LEDs.


I recently modded out my Viparspectra 300w and that was super easy with the bigger diodes. But I do have some Bar LEDs that was a 50/50 blue and white spectrum that I wanted to consider modding. The issue I am running into is they are the small form factor LEDs that appear to have solider under the diode and I’m not sure how to solder these.

I then tried removing the LEDs, which then seemed to short out the connection and then not having the other diodes work properly. When I line one of the removed diodes back on, I can get the others to flicker but no idea what’s happening at this point. 

If there’s anyone on here with experience in this process, I’d love to learn more and gain some more experience with LED lighting. 


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1 hour ago, Parzifal said:

I’m guessing @danlu_gt could probably give you a hint or two.  I hear they know a little about lighting. 

Ya, not sure about his experience with the manufacturing part or actually doing the soldering but I’d love to learn more!

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29 minutes ago, Blue Z Reef said:

Forgetting exactly what the flickering was caused by but do you have the polarity backwards on the one you re-soldered? Are you using a heat gun for this?

The micro ones are hard to tell the polarity. Just kept moving it around until I found it on the spot. No soldiering done one the video nor heat gun. Just putting it on. 

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When you remove the led diodes, you created an open circuit.  That's why the other don't work anymore.  Those LEDs sounds like are hooked up in serial, so when you remove one, they all stop working.

As for soldering... What kind of PCB is it?  Is it standard FR4 or metal core PCB?  If FR4 you can use heat gun or hot plate.  If metal core, you'll need hot plate or soldering oven.  Just put a little solder paste and place the led diode on.  You don't need to be too precise.  Then heat with heat gun or hot plate.  When the solder paste melt, LED will snap in place.  This is called reflow solding.  YouTube reflow solding.

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