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How many tangs can I have??


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Let's bound this.

  • External measurements:  
    • 349 gallons.    (112" * 24" * 30" ) / 231 cubic inches per gallon = 349 gallons
  • Internal measurements, if all sides are 1" and tank is filled 100% up (no air gap at top)
    • 293 gallons.  (110" * 22" * 28" ) / 231 cubic inches per gallon = 293 gallons

Thus, somewhere in this range, under these assumptions.

But the more important question, Why Didn't you Make it Bigger?    36" front to back would have been cool.


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16 hours ago, Parzifal said:

I feel like there’s a jaws reference here but just can’t come up with it.   

did you build the stand as well?

Monkey did the tank and I did the stand................


Hoping it holds water............... :laugh: although his huge tank has not leaked yet so I think we are good.............

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Holy hell man, the cost of the acrylic material *alone* for that tank must have cost more than the sum total of all my aquarium equipment, and I'm running a 12x15 greenhouse full of reef tanks. ([language filter] is up with acrylic costs?)


Nice tank!

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