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****Getting out of the Hobby**** ALL Equipment MUT GO *****


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Saltwater set up


I am selling my whole tank set up and getting out of the Hobby. This is a 20 gallon tank from innovative Marine, a 20 gallon AIO fusion tank. This tank holds water and the seals are good.  Selling all of this for $300.00 as a set up OR best offer within reason. Send me a PM if you are interested.


Things that come with this tank. 


20 Gallon Nano Innovative Marine Fusion tank


Calcium reactor 


Vortex MP10 With controller


Mighty Jet 538 GHP with Controller


Paradise Coral 25 dollar Gift Certificate comes with the setup


Salinity tester and TDS meter 


Please respond back looking to let go ASAP all is ready to leave my house.









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    • By Scotia
      Location: Duvall, WA (Seattle/Redmond area)
      Hi folks!  My life has hit some serious potholes and the net result is that I'm moving out of my house -- and I can't take my ~500g dream system with me.  This is one of those times where my loss can hopefully be something positive for you.  The system and everything related is for sale, bulk discounts for large purchases are available.  No copper has ever been used on or in any of the equipment.
      Note: For the livestock's well-being, all livestock must be out of the tank before the equipment can be taken.  (Obviously. )  I'll update this post once equipment is ready to move.
      2 x Yellow Tangs ($50 each)
      1 x Tomini Tang ($50)
      1 x Blue Eyed Kole Tang ($60)
      1 x Pearly (Yellowhead) Jawfish ($20)
      1 x Lemonpeel Dwarf Angelfish ($50)
      1 x Red Cardinalfish ($35)
      2 x Percula Clownfish, dark morphs ($20 each)
      2 x Yellow Coris (Wrasse) ($30 each)
      ~5 x Short-spine Urchins ($10 each – note: not acrylic safe)
      1 x Redfin (Dwarf Rooster) Waspfish named "Picante" (looking for long-term foster home*)
      1 x Dwarf Yellow Eel named "Elle" (looking for long-term foster home*)
      1 x Yellow Tilefish named "Banana" (quite tame, looking for long-term foster home*)

      2 x Red Bubbletip Anemone ($50 each)
      1 x Green Bubbletip Anemone ($50)
      1 x Yellow Leather Coral ($50)
      2 x Toadstool Leather Corals ($80 for large, $50 for small)
      7 x Orange Ricordia Yuma ($25-50 each depending on size)
      Many x Turquoise Mushroom Coral ($10 each)
      Many Bunches x Purple Gorgonians ($30 each)
      Purple Montipora Colonies ($20-100 each depending on size)
      Chaetomorpha Bunch, big and has bristleworms! ($20)

      100#+ Live Rock, Florida Aquacultured ($2.50/pound without corals attached)
      Substrate, various grades from sugar fine to mixed puka (free with purchase, available only after some live rock sells)
      *What do I mean by long-term foster home?  In short, I give you the fish for free, and if I get back into the hobby enough to take them back one day, I'm allowed to do so.  Pics of them now and then would be nice too – they’re my babies!
      Tanks & Accessories
      Note about tanks: All tanks were custom-made from specialty builders with cell-cast acrylic of appropriate thickness.  None of the tanks has ever had a leak.  All tanks have plumbing holes and normal wear-and-tear; the display tanks could use an interior sanding to remove clouding scratches from the urchins’ munching.  They are priced at 50% of what I paid (without considering shipping).  These tanks are heavy; when picking up, please bring help as I cannot assist.
      Primary Display (~200G), $1000: 80” x 25 ¼” x 24 ½” (includes overflow; ¾” acrylic)
      Secondary Display (~70G), $400: 23 ¾” x 25 ½” x 27 ½” (plus an 18 ½” x 6” x 27 ½” attached overflow centered against the back – i.e., the footprint of this aquarium is not square; ¾” acrylic body, ½” acrylic top/bottom)
      Utility Tank (~25G), $240: 19” x 15 ¾” x 20” (includes overflow)
      Utility Tank (~28G), $230: 21” x 15 ¾” x 20” (no overflow)
      Utility Tank (~40G), $280: 18” x 26” x 20” (no overflow)
      Utility Tank (~38G), $225: 32” x 22.5” x 12” (no overflow)
      Utility Tank (~90G), $400: 40” x 26” x 20” (has baffles)

      Arctica Chiller (DBM-250): $500
      2 x Arctica Chiller (DBE-200): $400
      Calcium Reactor (huge, brand unknown, a fixer-upper): Free with purchase
      2 x Stenner Peristaltic Pumps (for water exchange system): $200 each
      Ozotech Poseidon Ozone Generator: $120
      BRS Air Dryer: $75
      2 x Aqua UV Sterilizers: $200 each
      3 x Diamond Amp Master 6250-4 Pumps: $400 each
      Reef Octopus 200EXT Protein Skimmer: $500
      3 x Radion XR-30w G4 Pro: $500 each
      Controller System
      Note: The system is currently in a fault state as of about 2 weeks ago.  I cannot pull everything out to diagnose.  If you buy a module and it’s faulty, return it to me and I’ll refund your money.
      Apex AquaController: $100
      EB8 (with a few dead/stuck outlets): $50
      EB8 (working fine): $100
      PM1: $40
      ALD w/ 3 Sensors: $80
      Probes (older, were working fine but I suggest checking calibration): Free with purchase
      Let me know if you have any questions!  I might be able to deliver livestock in Greater Seattle area, but not big stuff like live rock, sand, or tanks. 

    • By ibondy
      Spring cleaning my garage.
      Brand new sump (in box) Trigger Elite Crystal 36 - $200  Skimz Bio pellet reactor large - $75 Skimz Bio pellet reactor small - $50 BRS dosers 50ml per minute - 6 of them $40 each (3 pumps sold) Snapper/Dart Hybrid - slightly used - $150 Dart/Snapper Gold Hybrid - never used - $250 BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual - $30 each - have 2 EC plus air compressor 1300 gph /5.22 PSI - 30$ GenX pump PCX30 - $25 EC plus pump 1584 gph - $20 EC plus pump 1056 gph 30 Coralbox dosing container 3x1500ml - $10 (Sold) Whisper 20 air pump $10 Jebao wave maker TW10 magnetic - $30 Discount for multiple items. 
    • By cjmdh
      Thought I would give a quick review of the IceCap K1 Nano Skimmer.  I have an Innovative Marine Nuvo Pro 25 Lagoon that has a pretty small chamber to put a skimmer in.  I originally tried IM's little BioSkim DC skimmer.  It was less than satisfactory on all levels.  I was able to improve the performance of the IM skimmer slightly by designing and 3D printing a better venturi, but it still never produce a decent skimmate. 
      So, on to the review of the K1. 
      Construction and Materials:  The skimmer seems to be very well made and out of the box I was impressed with the construction and materials.  It comes with a nice magnetic mount for systems that need it.  For the IM25 Lagoon it is not needed.  In other reviews of the skimmer, it was noted, that the first version had a less than effective venturi.  The newest version of the venturi actually looks like a venturi should, with the intake being shaped as an inverted vortex for flow and resulting in better air induction.  The collection cup actually resembles bigger skimmer cups.  The lid has a baffle and the inlet is cone shaped.  The internal skimmer level adjustment knob is very nice.  The knob has engraved directional indications for higher or lower level.  I would recommend highlighting these with a permanent marker to make them easier to see. The silencer is a decent size and I talk about noise later in the review.  The pump is a little guy with a needle wheel.  The pump attachment will be my only gripe about the construction, the pump outlet is friction fit into the bottom of the skimmer via a drilled hole.  When you go to remove the skimmer from the system the pump stays behind and you have to pull it out with the power cord.  A nut or something else securing for the pump to the skimmer would be nice.  To remove the skimmer and the pump together you have to pull both the skimmer and the pump cord at the same time. 
      Fit in the IM25 Lagoon:  Well, that's an easy one, it fits.  The second chamber on the IM25 lagoon is a staggering 2.8”x 4”x 7.9”.  The 2.8" x 4" foot print doesn't give you a whole lot of room to cram a skimmer in there.  The published foot print of the K1 Nano is  2.7" x 3.2" and with it rotated diagonally in the second chamber it fits nicely.  The level adjustment knob sits just above the rim of the tank and the cup sticks up a few more inches.  The prescribed water level for the skimmer is 7" - 9" and the IM25L second chamber is ~8", so it works out perfectly.
      Break In:  To break the skimmer in, I ran it in a gallon pitcher with a cup or two of vinegar and RO/DI up to about 8" on the skimmer body for about 4 hours.  After that I rinsed it off in RO/DI and ran it for another hour or so in straight RO/DI.  Then I installed in the tank.
      Operation:  After powering on the skimmer I adjusted the bubbles without the collection sup installed to the rim of the body of the skimmer and installed the cup.  There is very little noise from the silencer.  As a matter of fact there is no noise from the silencer.  All of the noise is from the pump itself.  That will be my only other complaint about the skimmer.  It did take a few days tinkering with the level adjustment to get the skimmer dialed in.  This was also another complaint from the other reviews that I read.  But, show me a skimmer that doesn't require adjustment to get it just right for the system that it is installed in.  My tank only has two little clown fish and some LPS, so my bio load is very low, yet the skimmer still get a decent amount of skimmate every 4 or 5 days.  The cup is easy to clean albeit a bit hard to get on and off the skimmer due to the o-ring.
      Overall Impression:  I would definitely recommend this skimmer for AIO tanks that do not have a lot room for bigger skimmers.  It is 100 x better than the IM BioSkim DC that is for sure.

    • By Palani
      15 gallon Nano reef tank for sale. 3 years old. Comes with all livestock and equipment. Includes 110gpd RODI water filter and quarantine tank with equipment and medicines. HOB skimmer/refugium with overflow, Hydor Wavemaker with pumps, ATO, LED lights with supplementation, heaters, water buckets, supplements, and salt ect. Everything you will need to run a successful Nano reef tank. Willing to part out if no one wants to buy it all. Livestock must go first. Getting out of the hobby for now, I’ll be moving out of state. $500

    • By Sketi
      Hey everyone!
      Question. Does anyone keep rock flower anemones in there tank? If you do how are they? Special care? Friendly with other tank dwellers? Clown fish friendly?
      Thanks guys!
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