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Looking for sump


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Yes! I have it on my living room floor ready to post, good timing! It’s the best sump ever, but I’ve been running Red Sea tanks so it’s not been used recently. We had it with our 6 foot 125 gallon in wall tank for only 6 months before the tank (not dump) sprung a leak 

$800 new (with $100 shipping) so we were asking $400 





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Not nearly as fancy as the Geo's above but I have a Trigger Systems Ruby 36S that I got with a bunch of other items a while back. I already have a sump in the same size plumbed in so I don't need it. 

It's stuffed in the basement somewhere but the specs are here: https://www.triggersys.com/ts/ruby36s/ 

It's got a little wear and tear (scratches etc) but it's well built and solid. PM me if interested. I'd say $175 or so seems fair.

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