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God torches

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Have you seen these torches they are super bright not the best pictures my light were turning off updated pics whites whites to show the  difference between aussiegold and God torch they are  amazing  I'm not that good at taking  pictures it's seem whites blues these torches are fire 20210912_180131.thumb.jpg.5c13126e7149c7e9506db413fa52c90c.jpg





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Malaysia have never issue cites permit on ever been in coral trade.

The name use as marketing ploy to sell Indo Torch for more money by sellers in California.

The only thing that ever came out of Malaysia (from Sabah province) are acropora. This acropora trade also has been closed last year because the abuse of collection

and cites permit for acropora there. The collection permit issued for the purpose of collecting acropora brood stock for mariculture operation but ended collecting

wild acropora to export. 

What is being imported as Malaysia acropora currently is laundered through Hongkong. The acropora smuggled from origin Sabah, Malaysia to mainland China then

transported by land to Hongkong. From Hongkong the supplier using re-export cites permit from previous Indo, Australia, or Tonga coral shipment for shipping to USA.

When re-export permit issue the product has to be the same product imported under original cites permit. What Hongkong supplier does is substitute the acropora

with the Malaysia acropora hence laundering it.


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Ok this is fascinating to me.. I bought from a "california seller" and was accidentally shipped a "god torch" instead of my order and have to decide to ship it back or buy it... I had an aussie gold before (stunning, from Jeff), but this is DEFINITELY different - it is bright mustard yellow with really neon green tips. I'm not a torch collector, but regardless of where it came from it's truly special. 

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If they send me the wrong torch. I don’t think it would survive more than a day in my tank. Certainly would die before I get a chance to ship it back :)

wanna picture of the dead skeleton? Too bad I don’t own a camera. 

oh cell phones usually have camera? Pretty sure mine doesn’t 


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