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Maxspec Razor R420R 130W-15000k $150


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I figured out I don't want to use this  for the 60 cube.   All leds are lit and not burnt out.  It has little salt creep from previous owner. Not perfect but the light looks great. Probably be great for frag tank or whatever you need.  Trying to upgrade to a Hydra 52. Location in Battle Ground cash is king!  PM Me $150 IMG_20210904_160536157_HDR.thumb.jpg.7a4d88513ecf88438478a6c6689cd08e.jpg IMG_20210904_160419030.thumb.jpg.24ee47acb5944c55d2e3172bf86633e0.jpgIMG_20210904_155923087.thumb.jpg.18cc3203f19e85694fbf0faaac095b41.jpgIMG_20210904_160145710.thumb.jpg.e6e1e15442de181ead2262d1aa7ee41c.jpgIMG_20210904_160543454_HDR.thumb.jpg.f44076c46fad6c75f5125dd3842f2627.jpg

.Set screws work as they should along with the mount sliders.


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Price drop!!
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