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Water change setup, Sumped 20L and MORE!

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2x brute 32 gal? 


2x4 shelf


Needs a new home. All my saltwater stuff is done for the foreseeable future. Bought spectrapure 3 years ago? Changed filters, but need another filter change, I believe tds is about 8. Will need new filters, maybe ro membrane too. 2x 32 gallon brutes, 1 mixed salt into 1 for rodi. Both on float valves with hose adapter to 1/4" tuning, with wye and valves.


Stand is is 2x4 construction, designed to hold 2 toted below and shelf above.

Located in Keizer, or. $200 make an offer. Ready for pickup. 541-nine nine two-4783 call or text, Mike.

20long sumped to 20high. Ehiem 1250 return pump (broke the impeller shaft cleaning it) hydor 100w heater, grounding probe, reinforced cabinet with storage drawer, extra piping to reconfigure if desired. $150



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Cleaning out the garage and moving on from tanks. I have a sumped 20 long, I'll start clean out soon. 10 tank, used as observation tank never used chemicals in it to treat fish. Buckets full of rock and sand. I'll get pictures up and prices as they get cleaned and "sale-able" 

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  • Righttirefire changed the title to Water change setup and MORE!
  • Righttirefire changed the title to Water change setup, Sumped 20L and MORE!

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