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Red sea e170, radion G5 pro, DC pump, live rock.

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As the title says. I'm done. After the 5 days without power I lost pretty much everything, started to rebuild, things were going great until 115° days where my ac couldnt keep up and my chiller I kept on hand turned out to only work when it felt like it. Lost everything once again, this time my motivation to keep going went out with it..

The rock is almost all blue iquatics rock, or actual Tonga branch, with the exception of a few random unique pieces I grew to like. Would like $150 for all of the live rock in the tank. No aiptasia or known pests.

The tank is a Red Sea E170, included is all of the caps to run as an AIO, as well as the plumbing and the reefer170/250 sump. The factory ATO reservoir was converted to an algae scrubber and seems to work okay. This will be ready to go once livestock is sold. Only pump included is the factory circulation pump for the back of the main tank. The stand has some water damage and I would recommend replacing it but it has held up fine. $350

Ecotech radion xr15 G5 pro. Great light, only ran at 65% since I got it from jeff back in October last year. $35020210801_192845.thumb.jpg.225b9799edd18259c45b216e71c3be87.jpg

Simplicity dc1600 return pump. Almost new, bought it from jeff a few weeks before the heat wave, ran at lowest setting since. $100

Take it all at once for $800

Eshopps pf1200 HOB overflow, dual u tube, dual drain, rated to 200g tank. Brand new in box. $120.







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Almost forgot about these awesome little rock flower nems. I got these from jeff for $60 each, would like to get $80 for both20210803_120403.thumb.jpg.60d3fd2e963318a8a8343e093fd37c67.jpg20210803_120351.thumb.jpg.54f47fd17ccaa789d819264ca2f66c39.jpg

Individual prices for corals. 

In todays market, we could call this a mini colony of sunkist bounce shrooms. 6 polyps from the size of a dime to the size of a quarter. All covered in bubbles, really nice shrooms. $20020210803_121015.thumb.jpg.3953a2bcba4e115e47dd5f30eaba3ce4.jpg20210803_121009.thumb.jpg.af63038753b4dc9fbf9f591d2a066769.jpg

$40 for the jawbreaker

$75 for the indo lobo

$15 per for the no name rhodactis shrooms

$10 for 2 bleached ricordeas and purple sponge

$25 for the all of the zoas as a pack

The xenia is free to anyone who wants it.

Or $375 for all of the corals and RFA's in a pack.

Also have the 40g breeder sump I ran under my 120g. This is an amazing sump. $200received_577610246593225.thumb.jpeg.ced14697a6c8d5c6e579fd0a6cf5c6ec.jpeg

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I’m well over budget, but I can vouch you keep some healthy fish! I still have the clown pair and blue tang I got from you a while ago.. and you were right, that tang is a total pig!


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Well. This heat wave is reminding me I really need to get these corals out. Yesterday when I got home from work the tank had gotten to 85° and the lobo was melting. The zoas closed up again, but the shrooms look okay. Come get all of the remaining corals and the rock flower anemones for $240 today.

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Cleaned things out, everything is ready to go.

$350 for the e170 with reefer sump kit, and plumbing.20210821_122952.thumb.jpg.747ecbe6a136874c32bb8f1e3c467326.jpg20210821_122944.thumb.jpg.298e1ce480b7976d0211cedd78d0c25f.jpg20210821_122959.thumb.jpg.4dae2f68b9898984cb94d0673835bf7e.jpg

Simplicity dc1600 return pump. Bought new in may from cuttlefish and corals. Only ran at lowest setting, still have the box. $10020210821_123613.thumb.jpg.f1d58cc00bb0f86367f6719c88540a9e.jpg

Bubble Magus 10" top down coral viewer. One notable scuff, but its 10" so you've got plenty of unobstructed viewing space. $2020210821_095244.thumb.jpg.40d5a8d011ace082de41e2e6cac48335.jpg

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Eshopps pf1000 HOB overflow box. It includes 2 u-tubes, and all other factory bits. Never been used. $11020210821_095024.thumb.jpg.47f29413a7ba863b14d0acc2680596df.jpg

Ecotech Radion XR15 g5 pro. Bought new from cuttlefish last October. Ran at 65% since. Updated to current mobius software and erased past settings for new owner. RMS bracket included. $35020210818_160928.thumb.jpg.d55066722c4769d9d14dab2b2678c7fa.jpg20210818_160943.thumb.jpg.72d8a132be6eaab77b917c90860d8d64.jpg

Live rock from e170. Mainly branches and shelves. Some real Tonga branch, some Haitian, and some blue iquatics. Really nice pieces of rock. $150


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Last up is this old school external skimmer. Its like 3' tall so probably for a huge system. Got with a large system uses 2 internal pumps for creating skimmate, and a feed pump (one brand new to in the box is included) needs cleaned. $5020210821_110021.thumb.jpg.6e28ea92b71820b95d418fa3c891a056.jpg

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Today only- 
Tank, stand, sump, and light-$600
Tank, light, and return pump-$660
Tank, light, pump, ato, and rock-$750
Take everything I have for reefing, except the magnifier (test kits, various pumps, heaters, another 100lbs of live rock, and some more dry rock, different bins I used for mixing water and holding rock, tons of random additives and stuff.) $1000

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