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Edit: Bta just fine after throwing up


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Update - looks like it a false alarm, the BTA is returning to normal. I think I over compensated and over fed the nem. The “puke” is gone and BTA is inflated! Who knew 😅

Anyone?? I have two black widow bta in the tank. Fed earlier today as I believed one of them was shedding its tentacles, now it looks like it’s puking. Should I pull this out of the tank? Any advice welcomed! I am very worried!



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As you've likely learned, you want to be very careful about the size of foods you feed 'nems of any kind. If it is too large to be digested quickly, the ammonia generated by the decomposing bolus will sicken and could kill the animal. It can also weaken the animal's immune system and result in a bacterial infection.

To be fair, I've also seen this in 'nems that are not fed overly large chunks of food but make a good living on much smaller pieces of wet protein that we feed our fishes. Sometimes, they just get droopy for a couple-three days and then begin taking on water and become lush and turgid again.

If you think you've overfed an anemone, its posture starts to sag, the oral disc become dilated and you think there's decomposing food stuck inside the animal, you can also gently flush the digestive cavity with a pipette or syringe. You have to be very careful, however, as a jet of water could injure the delicate digestive tissue.

Great news that this critter is turning around!




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