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55 livingroom build completed


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Finally finished my 55 build. Well until I add on a ph controller and maybe add another 10 gallon to the sump.
55 gallon all tempered 
10 gallon diy sump and plumbing 
Eshopps pf800 w/dorso and custom silencer
110int octo skimmer
Jebao dct4k
Ice cap gyre
Hygger heater controller 
Reactor refugium 
And most of it was used and only the return pump was new and pvc plumbing.

Thanks everyone who i got equipment from 🤙 maybe now ill get to my fish room after my back recovers and my hands aren't as sore lol20210721_160932.thumb.jpg.c761f72ad440926c143548f8a0015bf3.jpg20210721_160953.thumb.jpg.6e688b937a1d0e520e365ec2a935ccde.jpg20210721_161209.thumb.jpg.e3a69818efb6821132de7ef4fb59dc48.jpg20210721_161048.thumb.jpg.b9084213f24a5e24e2db2fc3ee928852.jpg20210721_161131.thumb.jpg.fae72005f044ac9ef3f30e499dabb4d0.jpg

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