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75 Gallon set up

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My entire tank crashed while I was on vacation a few weeks ago and I don't have the heart, or money to get it all running again. So I am selling my entire set up. It is a 75 Gallon tank, with 30 gallon sump. I will do my best to describe everything that is included with the tank. The glass on the tank is not in pristine condition, it has some scratches, not really noticeable when the tank is full. Solid seams, no leaks.

Tank: 75 gallon, with glass top. 30 Gallon sump, with 3 chambers, 3rd chamber is plumbed to be run as refugium, I just used it as a tank for my ATO. Tank includes all the plumbing.

DC Jebao Return pump (DCP-5000), been used for about 10 months.

48in T5 hybrid light fixture, Just purchased new bulbs 2 weeks before tank crash, should be good for quite a while (2 coral+, 1 10,000k, 1 purple). Light fixture also has row of blue LEDS down the middle. non-dimmable, but has three separate channels, so you can control two bulbs at a time and the LEDs all separately. 

Various wave makers, some older, some newer, nothing fancy. 

Reef Octopus Skimmer, older model. Runs great, fits perfectly into sump. Picture doesn't show all of the pieces, includes pump.

App controlled power strip (see picture). Can program on/off times, I used it to run my lights.

Fzone Triple sensor ATO with pump. Used for about 2 months.

Water making station, includes large garbage can that has float valve included. garbage can currently has a small wavemaker in, heater and a small pump to make filling water jugs easier.  RODI system, used for 11 months. Appears the resin is about half used. Also included is 4 5-Gallon water jugs. I also have syphon equipment for tank cleaning. about 1/4 bucket of salt. 

Various heaters between 50Watts and 300 Watts. 

Lots of filter socks

Grow light, never used, for refugium.

Currently the garbage can is full of all of the rock that was in my tank, I can keep it cycling if you like or take it out of the water and make it dry rock. Probably around 70lbs. I have never weighed it.

I also have lots of fish food, additives, chemicals, etc that I will throw in as well. I am sure there are things I am forgetting.

I would love to be able to sell everything as a complete set for 500$ or Best Offer. If no one wants the whole set up I will consider selling pieces.

I am located in Salem 








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Really sorry to hear that. If you don’t mind me saying, don’t part with your system. When you have the patience and finances it will be a lot easier to get back in. Also, you don’t need to get fancy stuff. Getting a bunch of chromis and a couple of softies would not break the bank. Just saying…:) by the way I loved your cabinet. Did you make it yourself? Also is the tank an aqueon 75 gallon? Did you drill it yourself? 


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You guys seem to be a pretty handy couple. I looked for a white stand all over the place for that tank and I couldn’t find it for a good price. I considered making my stand and drilling the tank as well, but I was not sure I would be able to make mine as nice as this. I hope that you decide to keep it. I wish you better luck next time… 

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