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White cloud in tank

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Two days ago I was trying to setup a auto-fish feeder and it dumped way too much food (pellets). The next day there was a white cloud in the tank and the GSP, kenya tree, Pipe Organs and toadstools all closed up tight. Yesterday I did a 10 gal water change (RSM 250) and did some testing with the following results:

- Nitrate = 0

- Nitrite = 0.25

- Ammonia = 0.25

- Phosphate = 0.25

- Alkalinity = 9.6

- Salinity = 1.026

The white cloud has since cleared up, but those 4 corals have stayed closed (the zoas, hammers, acan, mushrooms, blasto, kaleidoscope polyps, and ricordea all seem to be unaffected). Was this just a bacteria bloom that has to run its course, or is there something else I should do or be worried about? TIA for your help!

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