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Happy Father’s Day!


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Happy Father’s Day everyone!


here’s some fun Father’s Day facts for you all:

-the first Father’s Day was officially celebrated in Spokane Washington on June 19th (today) 1910.

-Roses are the official flower of Father’s Day. Red symbolizes honoring a loving father and white symbolizes one who has passed.

-Corals don’t believe in Father’s Day.

-Father’s Day wasn’t officially a national holiday until Nixon in 1966 made it officially celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year.


parting Dad joke:

All male Buffalo have the same parting comment for their sons….Bi son.


happy reefing everyone. I’ll post some photos of my dad and my traditional Father’s Day activity tomorrow.  I hope you all will as well!

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Some of the most amazing dads I know are reefing friends.  I'd love to call some of them out, but I'm afraid I'd miss some.  I've always wondered if there was some correlation between reefing and parenting.  Maybe it is that those of us who do both thrive on the challenge of raising beautiful and amazing creatures by balancing multiple parameters and equipment--all without a manual!  I wonder if BRS or MarineDepot have parenting videos...

Happy Father's Day guys!

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