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Doughnut coral looking like a skeleton

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My once meaty doughnut coral had a rock fall on it, this rock had mini maxi nem that was touching the whole doughnut coral. 

the coral looks fleshy (and misshaped) at night but horrible during the day. I tried moving it to a more shaded spot... sounds reasonable but I’m not sure why I did that. today it looks a little browner in the center. I’ll post a picture this evening/or am if it meats back up. 

Does anyone have any suggestions to help it heal? Or do you think it’s done for? 😢 


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9 minutes ago, Higher Thinking said:

I'm not an expert on those, but my guess would be it just needs to recover. I would try to avoid moving it anymore. Let it chill without getting messed with and it should bounce right back. 

I agree.  In my experience, once a coral has been stung by another coral or anemone, you just need to wait patiently to see if it recovers.  There are a couple of products on the market that claim to help corals recover from being stung, but they seem to have mixed reviews on effectiveness.

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