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🤗FS Red Sea Reefer 350 Auction for TFT💲💲

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This was the Boys and Girls club Tank. It needed to be taken down due to Covid. :sad:

It was only up for about 2 years as it was taken down last year.  

All proceeds will go back to our Tanks for Teacher program !

Get an awesome tank and help us continue a wonderful program!


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Auction includes:

Red Sea Reefer 350 tank stand and sump

2 AI hydras (no mounts)

Canopy custom made by spectra for the school


Bubble Magus skimmer 

odds and ends 

Everything you need to start this tank up!!92BCAA91-9FC5-4CCF-935E-4EA1A16371DD.jpeg76B2AF2D-128C-4C9B-8D23-8BDB49A5EACC.jpeg2701C610-35BE-48EC-9C82-555E7297C1D0.jpeg6F2FBBF6-F67D-4560-BFDE-582E6400BB33.jpeg6B712F45-0DC9-4024-B53D-CFCB5B50E407.jpeg92736074-F088-49C0-9971-3D3790D04794.jpeg674ABF12-3E23-423A-BEE1-6D8683EACAD8.jpeg7F052ACA-BC35-4F69-BA6C-135A8D22BE32.jpeg48068E55-01CA-4064-BE3D-B0CF1A1E63D3.jpeg34CA0687-3519-4FF8-B75F-0B4D08AD82B8.jpegB8BE4644-ED82-4F46-9E88-3628CCFC4F6F.jpegA694F742-0C28-4F14-BDFD-EF2B546DAB6B.jpeg






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Auction starts now !! 
Starting bid 500 dollars 
Auction includes everything listed and pictured including my admiration for supporting a good cause.

All proceeds go to Tanks for Teachers 

Auction ends Thursday May 20 at 8pm

Payment is PayPal@Pnwmas.org 

Must receive payment in 72 hours ( May 23 8pm) or it goes to second highest bid

Tank is located at my home in SE Portland . I am sure we can figure out help with delivery. 

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