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WTS-Red Sea 250 Full Setup

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I have a Red Sea Reefer 250 setup that I would like to sell.  I really don't want to sell it but I need the money for other projects.  Currently the tank is setup and running.  A bit neglected but it is up and running.  I really don't know the names of anything so you will need to rely on the pictures to see what livestock I have. 

I am looking to sell the whole package at once.  I am asking $2000 for everything.  I think there is over $7K in just hardware. 

Below is a list of the equipment:

QTY Description
1 RedSea Reefer 250 Tank
1 Redsea Sump under the stand
  LED lighting that turns on when stand door opens
2 Ecotech MP10QD's
1 Ecotech Battery Backup
2 AI hyrdra 32 LED lights
1 Aquatic Life 36" Hybrid T5HO Fixture with Bulbs
1 Blue night lights
2 Titanium heaters (1) in the sump and (1) extra
1 DC simplicity Return pump
1 Reef Octopus Essence S-130 Skimmer
1 Marine magic algea scrubber
1 UV light (cant remember brand)
1 Maxspec gyre XF230
1 Neptune apex
2 Neptune DOS dosing pumps (1 for dosing and 1 for Auto water changes)
1 Coral box Wifi dosing pump 4 head
1 Neptune FMK Flow Monitoring Kit (currently not hooked up)
1 Neptune SV-1 Solenoid Valve  (currently not hooked up)
1 Neptune AFS Automatic feeding system
1 Neptune I/O breakout box  (currently not hooked up)
2 Neptune OS-1-M Optical sensor (1 for skimmer, 1 for sump)
1 LDK leak detection kit
2 25 gallon plastic barrels  (for mixing station) (1 for top off and 1 for salt)
1 panworld Recurculation pump (for mixing station)
1 4 stage RODI system 150GPD
1 RODI booster pump 
  A lot of misc stuff, chemicals, testing kits, additives, fragging tools, live rock, all kinds of stuff that am am forgetting about.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  I am sure I am missing something. 



IMG_3780 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3781 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3782 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3867 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3868 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3869 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3870 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3871 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3733 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3734 - Copy.JPG

IMG_3735 - Copy.JPG

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