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Relocating - selling everything in Eugene!

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Livestock/Corals spoken for. 🙂

Tank setup is spoken for.

Tank, Sump, Stand and Hood $150

60G cube, drilled with coast to coast internal overflow.

Stand and Hood need painting, but usable as is.


Other equipment will be listed when tank is empty and I can clean it all properly.


It's time to let it go for now, after many years of enjoyment, having had tanks of various sizes.

I have no idea of prices, as I haven't looked lately. Make offer or tell me if it's way to cheap! 😂

My phone camera is not good, but hopefully good enough to give an idea.

I have some bubble algae in my tank!

Fish and live rock need to go first.

2 Ocellaris clowns, mated pair $30

1 Pajama Cardinal free to go along. He's the only one left of a group and has shared the tank with the clowns for years.

Nothing new has been added to the tank for years, as I haven't had the time with life hitting us hard.




Large Hammer, dozens of heads! $150 or $5 per head

Slightly smaller hammer $75 or $5 per head

Large mat of GSP $30

Candy cane $30

Armor of God zoas $50

Large piece of meteor shower 7"x 3" $100

3x Green zoas $10-20 depending on size

Fighting Conch $5




Green ricordias, several on same piece of live rock $25

Most of my live rock is encrusted with meteor shower and various other corals. Some with distressed SPS. make offer


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