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WTB: Fluconazole --> Miracle Transformation!

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Hi All,

Reef flux and other namely fluconazole treatments all seems to be a week out. I have some reef flux currently ordered but won't be here until much later.

Does anyone have any spare/in hand right now I could purchase or trade coral for? Would like to start this process today as this stuff is growing faster than I can remove it.

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What size is your tank?  I have a little Flux RX left over, but it's probably only enough for a 30 - 50 gallon tank.  If your tank is larger, it's probably better than nothing.

Free if you'd like it, pick up in Beaverton.  PM me.

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  • Dakotapi3rc3 changed the title to WTB: Fluconazole --> Miracle Transformation!

I am super stoked to say after bryopsis, dino, and cyano the tank has made a 90% recovery. A lot of my sps took a hit through all the nutrient spikes and subsequent treatments but I am absolute believer in reef flux for nuisance algae elimination. This killed my remaining bryopsis and the turf algae that took its place! Total duration was about 3 weeks.

What a ride...here are some pics of the tank now!




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I had a bryopsis outbreak in my old tank and the fluconozole worked wonders.  I followed the directions and didn't use anything else during the treatment.  After that algae, other than on the glass, was nonexistent for well over 6 months without any type of other treatment. 

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23 hours ago, Lazyreefer said:

I would be interested in your method of use, if you strayed from the main instructions at all and what other products you felt were useful to use during treatment 👍🏻

I used vibrant before which may have weakened it. Otherwise follow as instructed. 3 week turnaround for turf algae. Bryopsis was about a week.

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