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My Deep Seee coral flipper isn't strong enough :(

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So i bought the "deep seee flipper max" tank viewer thing-e-majig.  wEll, with 1" thick acrylic the magnet isn't strong enough to hold it in place.  Was thinking I could glue another magnet on the external piece... You think that would work?  Or do I need to put new magents on both ends.. like maybe cut the existing magent out, super glue an additional magnet on there and then dunk the whole thing in epoxy? 



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I have a Great White inside magnet that split. You can have it to experiment with. If you use it on the outside, you can reinforce the magnetic force.

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I am worried that I might end up opening some kind of space time portal with all the high power magnets I have

I have a great white as well, I don't know why i didn't try that.  Will do it tonight.  

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