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Sigh....Well, I've decided that I've gotten myself into a little bit more than I needed to when I upgraded to my 90 gallon tank.  Other projects are taking up my free time and I feel as though the tank isn't getting the attention it deserves as a result.  Check out some of my other posts on here to see some of my journey.

Everything was bought starting last year but wasn't first set up until around July.  Mixture of new and used (but in very good condition) items.  As the case a lot of times, really hoping to sell complete set up - would only be willing to part out after tank/stand/livestock are gone.  Asking $2,000 OBO.  Located in the Tri-Cities, WA.

  • Tank - 90 gallon SCA.  Beautiful tank, no scratches, bought new and set up in February - Running herbie overflow method
  • Stand - custom made (by me) using the general Rocket Engineer design
  • Plumbing - standard plumbing with lots of unions and BRS ball & gate valves
  • Sump - standard 20L with acrylic baffles (works ok)
  • Pumps
    • Return Pump - Jebao DCP-6500
    • Ecotech MP40
    • Nero 5 (x2) with fish guards
  • Ecotech battery backup (never plugged in)
  • 300 watt BRS titanium heater element with Ranco controller
    • 200 watt backup BRS titanium heater element with BRS controller
  • Lights
    • Kessil 360 WE (X2)
    • Aquatic Life 36" T5 hybrid (with extra bulbs)
    • Kessil h160 fuge light
  • Reef Octopus SSS 150 (6")
  • Tunze 3155 ATO 
  • BRS 75gpd RO/DI unit
  • Older model Apex (temp and pH) with EB8
  • Various additives, supplements, test kits (Red Sea, Hanna), foods, two refractometers
  • Brine shrimp hatchery/supplies
  • Livestock
    • Probably 100# LR (including 50# from Gulf Live Rock) - Disclaimer, I am still battling an algae issue
    • Orange/white & white and black clown pair
    • Purple Tang
    • Yellow Watchman goby
    • Orchid dottyback
    • Two peppermint shrimp
    • Assorted CUC - Includes orders from IPSF and reefcleaners
    • Various corals, although most not in "show" shape
    • RBTA
    • Crocea clam

That's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure there's more.  Feel free to message me or ask questions (or if you want more pictures).  The FTS was after my last cleaning (before the algae returned, lol) Note - do not still have the Kessil Controller. IMG_20210223_184220848.thumb.jpg.78a5776e6f89265466ee3ba9a362e1ab.jpgThIMG_20210223_183334174.thumb.jpg.e749f20110a4153e5cc8691918de2303.jpganks!



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