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Hi folks,

Just a quick note to let you know I've dedicated some tanks in the new greenhouse to farming Clean Chaetomorpha. We're selling this through the coral farm website, Orchard Reef

Nothing revolutionary really, just clean healthy macroalgae for your refugium. This is exclusively grown in fish-free systems under natural sunlight. We sell it in a pretty generous portion, because when Chaeto is growing well there is plenty to spare. 

If you've got a local reefing buddy who can share some chaeto with you instead, go for it! That's always gonna be the cheapest option. If you can't find any locally, here's an option for you. 



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I will be definitely interested in getting some of this. I like that this is cleanly farmed and I’m willing to pay extra. I got ich in my tanks once from cheato the cheaper option didn’t end up being the better option.

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