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Been using Flipper Max on my 450 for the past four plus years. over the course of the last year it has started making a scraping noise when I clean the glass(see video). Doesn't appear to scratch anything. I replaced the stainless steel blade, but it still makes the noise. Any suggestions or other people having same problem? Can the blade be lubricated to reduce friction?

Flipper Max Noise

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Thats an awful sound have not had that happen with mine. I can see why you are concerned it sounds like it is scratching the glass.  I am always leery of razor blades. The Tunze has a nice plastic blade with a finger pinching powerful magnet.  I tried to cross reference and got excited but it was only your post on reef2reef 😳.

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Wrote the Flipper folks.  Very responsive and helpful!  Thinking maybe the small white balls on the inside piece are the culprit. Great Service!

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