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thought i was getting a brackish eel but got full on saltwater eel

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On 4/9/2021 at 8:21 AM, miketoohey said:

i'm sorry i came to you group of fish lovers.yes he is real if i new how to down load my pics from my phone i would post it .i have pics of my setting up my new 75gal.fish tank.ive been doing tanks for some time so this isn't my first rodeo.i just got myself into a corner. you know nothing about me so how would you know how i take care of my animals?i love all animals and would never do them any harm.so you judge someone else and quit wasting my time.           thanks for your time,not      squatch


"I'm sorry I ame to you group of fish lovers".   This isn't a sushi preparation forum.... what did you expect?    Your first rodeo must have been a horror show.

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