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First time making my aquascape from small rumble rock. I am trying to make an SPS dominated tank. I think it is turning out alright. It will have a lot of water flow all around and through the middle. I am rescaping a third of my tank every couple months. So do not upset my eco system too much through the change. 




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4 hours ago, Emerald525 said:

Looks good Jim! What did you use to keep the rocks together. I saw a video where they used sand and a liquid super glue and it formed a really tight bond.

Thank you! I used a super glue with an accelerator to hold quickly to start. I tried the Marco mortar. It worked alright but found some marine epoxy adheres to the rock better for me. I found the super glue itself to hold multiple rocks together does not have enough strength. I was able to avoid drilling holes in the rock and using rods.


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16 hours ago, Bicyclebill said:

That looks good Jim! I used the Marco cement stuff and found it worked awesome if you got the mix just right. And just right is a pretty narrow window


Thanks Bill. Mostly having issues on the archway. Worked good on the other areas.

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