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Sell me your tank


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Hello Smiles, I am looking at retiring in the next couple years and want to travel so sadly I have to look at letting my tank go.

I was think around $2K

Tank Specifics
90-Gallon Oceanic Tank (Black) 48''x18''x24'' Starfire glass
Custom Oak Stand 52” W x 20“ D x 72”
Sump: Custom 40-Gallon glass / 4 chamber: Chaeto, pump, skimmer, fresh water
Skimmer: Curve 7 Protein Skimmer - Bubble Magus
Flow: (1) Vortech MP40, (1) CoralBox wave maker

(2) Media containers: charcoal & Rowa Phos
Heater: 600w Pacific Coast imports
Auto Top off: ATO water level controller
Return Pump: Ecotech M1 smart DC pump with battery backup (not working)
Salt: Kent form Upscales
Sand: Marineland Black Diamond Media Premium (black sand blasting sand)
Rock: from Upscales
Lighting: metal halide lamp fixture 150w/20K 2x150 blue plus light fixture T5

Fish: (2) clown fish, Arabian Pseudochromis, Pajama Cardinalfish, Blue/yellow Damselfish, Blenny, 3-line Wrasses

Coral: Misc

20 gal QT tank with heater and power filter

20 gal white freshwater/salt mixture tank

Thanks Kelly



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