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110 Watt, pro level UV for sale


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I have been running of these since I set up my tank and after suffering a velvet outbreak I bought another unit in January to really really sterilize my tank.   Even with 700 gallons, 220 watts of UV is totally overkill.   This is not your little "twistie" UV system with a 20 watt bulb.  This is a twin tube/ 55 watt bulb high dwell time UV unit.  It can achieve level 2 treatment on tanks up to 600 gallons given the recommendations on flow rate and tank overturn.   If you have a decent size tank, this is a great way to control outbreaks. 

After running tanks with and without UV I don't think I will go back to not utilizing them.  Water born algae, viruses, parasites, hormones, and other organic compounds get chewed up pretty quickly with this thing.  Preventing disease outbreak, coral warfare, diatoms, etc etc etc are all things that a UV unit can do. 

here is a link to the unit I have https://www.americanaquariumproducts.com/TMCUVSterilizer.html#cart

There are also lots of info on UV systems, flow rates, turn over times, etc.  

The System has been running for 3 months and bulbs generally last 18 months.  So you are good for awhile.  

Looking to get $300. 


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3 hours ago, Higher Thinking said:

No such thing, am I right?!

I have this same unit. It's a beast! Those are 2" pvc connections coming off the end. I reduced mine to 1¼", but yeah, it's the real deal. 

I saw the one at cuttlefish today. Too big for it to fit my cab. Got a 40w aqua uv and that barely fits.

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