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WTS - Red Sea Reefer 350 Complete Setup - $1000


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Up for sale is a RedSea Reefer 350. 91 gallon. Up and running and no issues, nuisance algae or diseases. Mainly a softy tank. I understand that I might get more if I part it out but at this point I want to see if I can find someone who will take care of the whole tank, and have priced it accordingly. I've got $4k+ in this tank. The setup is about 2 years old.

Location is Bull Mountain, Tigard.



  • Red Sea Reefer 350, black cabinet, excellent condition, no scratches on the cabinet and a couple of minor scratches on the glass .
  • RS sump and RS filter floss holders instead of socks (have socks as well)
  • 2x300W Finnex Titanium Heaters
  • 3 sets of Ocean Revive Artic T247 120W LED lights on dawn/dusk left-->right sequence 
  • Octopus skimmer with pinwheel pump
  • Apex Aquacontroller Classic with Power Bar 8, moon lighting controller, ORP, temp and Ph sensors
  • Apex Moonlights on moon phase 
  • Jebao wavemaker (3 months old)
  • 2 reactors- 1 for bio balls and one for phosguard running on a Sicce Synchra pmp
  • 38W Aqua UV Sterilizer
  • Jebao DCT 12000 DC return pump (quite and powerful)
  • Jebao 4 channel doser (CA, ALK, MG and 1 spare channel)
  • 3 chamber dosing container
  • 2 complete RODI setups (one for making water and one for the ATO) Both have recent membrane and filter changes and read 0 TDS
  • Innovative marine Hydra ATO controlling a wet solenoid that's plumbed directly into a 1/4" line that runs to one of the RODI systems so no filling of reservoirs, ever! I also have the reservoir that it came with 
  • Milwaukee SG Meter
  • 4 Hanna Checkers & other test kits



  • Mature yellow tank
  • Lemon Peel Angel
  • Full size Maroon clown, very peaceful and social
  • Algae Blenny
  • Yellow Pigmy Blenny
  • 6 line Wrasse
  • Cleaner Wrasse



  • 2 large green Kenya corals
  • 5 Bubble tip anemones (they keep multiplying)
  • Huge black sand shifting cucumber
  • 5+ large hermit crabs
  • 4+ snails 
  • Blue urchin
  • Large urchin
  • Lots of rocks covered in polyps, GSP, Pulsing Xenia etc.


I've also got boxes of spares including extra sachets for the CA, ALK and Mg from BRS, spares for the Apex etc. I also have 3-4 27G Rubbermaid toughy boxes and 6+ 5 G buckets that can be used for the move.


Please ping me if you are interested with a phone & email address and  I will  get back to you with a time to come take a look. For planning I am in Tigard on Bull Mountain, between Bull Mountain Road and Beef Bend Road. Zip 97224.  




- Tim










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