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Apex Says Temp is 156?!


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Hey all, 

I'm looking for some assistance on how to get my Apex classic working. Here's a screen shot of what I'm seeing.  

I can't control anything with the sliders either. I'll switch my light to off in the app, which should already be off according to the set times, but the light stays on. Luckily, this will keep my heater and pump running, but right now I just have an expensive power strip. 

I tried power cycling it by unplugging the eb8 from the wall for a couple minutes. When I plugged it back in, fusion is now telling me that my Apex is disconnected, but all outlets are still "on".


Any ideas on how to proceed? 


@SuncrestReef I figured I would tag you here since you're the resident Apex guru.

Screenshot_20210303-211114_APEX Fusion.jpg

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6 hours ago, SuncrestReef said:


1. Do you have a Display Module?  If so, are you able to turn on and off any outputs from the Display?

2. Are you able to access the Classic Dashboard from a computer or your phone?  http://apex.local

3. What is the LED status light on your EnergyBar displaying?
Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 6.45.09 AM.png

I do not have the display module. 

I'll try to access the classic dashboard when I get home tonight. 

The status light was solid green. 

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