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WTB/WTT AquaticLife Hybrid Mounting Brackets

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Does anyone have a set of the flat mounting brackets that came with the AquaticLife Hybrid light that mounts flat lights like a Radion or Hydra?  I'm going to add a couple of Reefi Unos to my 24" light and only have one set.  I could trade a Kessil mount or just buy them.  Thanks.

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What kind of brackets are they ?


I have a giesemann stellar and needed mounts for more lights as they only came with 2............ stopped by Parkrose Hardware and picked up some aluminum and just made my own......... way cheaper.............

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They are just straight, flat aluminum pieces that are about 7.5" long by 1.25" wide with several slots cut into them for different mounting distances.  They also have a slight 90 bend in the very ends to slide into a track on the light.  They are not expensive, I just thought someone local might have a set laying around.  I'll also check out the hardware store if I can't find anything.

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