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Where to buy magnesium chloride locally?


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I've ordered chemicals from Nurnberg before, but BRS is cheaper.


While googling, I also found American Scientific - and their site says they have chemicals.   But site is just a "Call Us" front door.   Never dealt with them.



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You can use only Epsom Salt / Magnesium Sulfate if you do not dose much and do water change regularly

It is the cheapest way to dose magnesium

This is Randy Holmes-Farley Recipe:

Recipe #1, Part 3B

Dissolve a 64-ounce container of Epsom salts (about 8 cups) in enough purified freshwater to make 1 gallon total volume. This solution is added much less frequently than the other two parts. Each time you finish adding a gallon of both parts of Recipe #1, add 610 mL (2 ½ cups) of this stock solution. It can be added all at once or over time as you choose, depending on the aquarium's size and set up. Add it to a high flow area, preferably a sump. In a very small aquarium, or one without a sump, I suggest adding it slowly.

The first time it's added, I recommend adding just a small portion and making sure there isn't any problem (such as corals closing up due to stress) before adding the remainder. Make sure corals and other organisms don't get blasted with locally high concentrations of the main ingredients or impurities, or else they may become stressed. This solution contains about 47,000 ppm magnesium and 187,000 ppm sulfate.


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13 hours ago, Higher Thinking said:

Any particular reason you want magnesium chloride and not the BRS magnesium mix (which uses chloride and sulfate in correct proportions)? I can sell you this for $15. It's unopened and you can, depending on where you live, have it faster than a Bezos drone drop-off. 😁


I'd totally buy it off you but looks like you're in scappoose? A bit of a drive from Tualatin 🙁

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