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coral band saw recommendations


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I think its time to finally upgrade to a dedicated saw for fragging corals. But the options I see online for dedicated coral bandsaws have prices that make me laugh. 

Anyone have suggestions for a budget coral band saw option? 

Maybe something DIY or repurposed? 

What other creative tools have you used to cut large corals?

I've been using a diamond blade dremel wheel for years, you can cut frags from surprisingly large colonies if you get creative with cut angles. But it has its limits and all the changing angles can make a mess of spraying coral goop. 

Thanks for any ideas!

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1 hour ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

I used my sawzall and a diamond tile blade once.  This is good if you want to make a bunch of frags from a colony all at once because as your cutting it will catch on something throw the colony across the room and breaking it into a bunch of little pieces. 

Well Brad used to frag colonies by throwing them on the floor so sounds like you on on the right track!

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how about wet tile saws, anyone try one of those? (Not handheld, the bench type)

Something like this, although I want to find one that can handle thicker pieces


$400ish for a saw is just too silly for words, I'll keep buying $30 dremel blades if thats the only option :)

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