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To drill or not to drill 60 cube.


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So I picked up this 60 cube. Never had a tank this big and it's probably not the last. I am sure this is a midway point for us.  We currently have a 20L AIO we made.


This is what the 60 has for corner overflow. I know looks dirty, but too cold to clean it out.


And here is the question I don't think I want just one drain. This one only has drain and return.


Been trying to read all I can and it seems better to have two drains . Looking for silent mode on the tank.  I don't know if the bottom is tempered or not. I think I could get another bulkhead in there for the return line. The other option is run the return line on the outside and not drill it, but I like clean looking tanks.  What are your thoughts or suggestions?

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The answer to that is always drill. I probably have some extra bits of varying sizes I could give you.

Another option is bringing the return over the back and using the two holes as the drains and run Herbie style.

I know everyone always pitches their tent in camp Herbie or camp Bean Animal, but the reality is the third pipe for Bean is overkill and frankly unnecessary. I still have not heard an account of the primary getting clogged and then the emergency getting clogged as well, thereby making the third pipe necessary. 

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The Herbie is the one I was thinking. Still trying to get through 75 pages on RC. So I would assume the bottom is not tempered.  The only other problem I see is the base needs to be notched. Yes little nervous because there are two already there. 😬

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42 minutes ago, xmas_one said:

Use the two holes already there and do a Herbie. Drill up high on the back pane in the box for the return. You can probably actually reuse the returns that it came with so the weir teeth will still work and cover those two big U shaped holes in the weir. 

This is what I was thinking as well since I get the reluctance to drill so close to the existing holes in the bottom.  Assuming the back isn't tempered of course 😁

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Been kicking around another idea with drilling.  Has anyone put a valve to drain the overflow camber for water changes?  I thought that's got to be a four or five gallons. Just trying to think of easy way to turn valve and fill 5 gl bucket.  Then maybe pump it back into the sump?

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