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Here is the one my son and I put together with some help from locals.😎.  20 long AIO we built.  Just picked up a 60 cube that we will jump start in the spring. Been up for about a year.


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I’ll play. 
The wifey says size doesn’t matter so here’s my 10 gal IM Nuvo AIO 

Ai Prime, Eheim return, filter sock, cheap-o Amazon Fuge light, 50w Eheim heater, Tunze nano ato, Koralia nano for flow, all sitting on a metal locker from IKEA. 20% water change every other Sunday 

I’ll be upgrading this set up to a Waterbox 60.2 soon and moving to more sps and lps that are all growing out in the frag tanks. 

Please forgive the pics...I’m not a photographer. 





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Had this tank built by Envision and replaced the old tank 3 months ago.


It's 128g custom shape. Corals are little unhappy after the power outages and losing my light because of equipment failure.


the lobo in there is about 12” thick and the Duncan colony is 14” last time i checked. I had both for 6 years. Started with 3 heads of Duncan and lobo was the size of a baseball  








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