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glass anemone suggestion


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I took a rare look into my overflow today and I discovered there are like hundreds of glass anemones in there. I have two overflows both the same. what's the best course of action? I see no glass anemones in my display itself and I would like to keep it that way. I can't really put a fish in my overflow or a peppermint shrimp. what's the best course of action?

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5 hours ago, Burningbaal said:

I had great success with berghia in my fuge. I kinda think if you can get the overflow to fill with standing water for an hour or so (obviously with the return off), they can find a home. Then let it drain and turn on the return pump.

This worked for one of my two overflows when I tried it.  I eventually covered them so that they got no light (also kept my fish from jumping in) - that did the trick.

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If this was my tank and I found Tons of anemones in the overflow...   My approach would be to see if I could temporarily shut down flow to the tank, replumb the overflow into a 5 gallon bucket, and see if I could (very carefully) run bleach water through the overflow and plumbing to just Kill Them All in one shot.  :)    

But that's how my mind works.

Just don't do THIS.  (found on the internet)


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