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???? Why so little pms if you are not a paid member?????


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Why do we only get 50 pms total? Is it a storage reason? Something with the site? TRT gives me I think 300? Reef Frontiers and Reef Central at least give 100. Just wondering. I think it would be cool if we could at least 100 :) Just think about it board members. Later Ryan

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i think post count should have something to do with it... most of the other sites do it based on that. I would say:

50 to start

100 at 50 posts

150 at 150 posts

and then give the paid members an extra 50.


I have a box of 500 on TRT and trust me you don't want that many. keep in mind also that you can download your messages onto your computer as a text file.


just my .02

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I was thinking the exact same thing :) Once a couple weeks pass after talking to someone about which frag I'd like and their address and everything looks good, PMs get deleted :)




yeh, but im sure we're overlooking something. Probably having to do with selling and then receiving pm's


was just curious is all :D:D

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