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Closed today!

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Oh no!!!  It's bad enough if someone has just one aquarium to deal with during a power outage...I can't imagine having a whole shop full of tanks and livestock to keep alive.

Are you able to run a generator in the parking lot to at least provide water movement and heaters?

Good luck, Jeff.

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Glad to see you've got backup power.   I read your post to my wife and her reply was, "Let's Go - I'll bet he's having a Great Sale!"  :)

Jeff, you help the community so often - please know if you get in a jam, just reach out.   Spare propane, Hot coffee, Space heaters...   If you need Apex programming help, I'll send @SuncrestReef:) 


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2 hours ago, CuttleFishandCoral said:

Boom we have power!!! We made it threw one of the most stressful event in our history. Huge thanks to everyone who offered and gave help. We love what we do cause of the amazing community! Swing on in! We are back at full strength. Three massive orders coming in Friday.

Glad to hear it's back and you weren't out too long.  

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