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The forum has been too slow - free frag pack giveaway

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This forum has been too slow so here is a fun game comment #100 gets a free frag pack containing a kryptonite mushroom, bunch of varied zoas (too many to count), monti spongoides, orange monti di

So what'd y'all do to pass the time this weekend? I got to coach a couple of the guys on my team in a Jiu Jitsu tournament. We drove from Scappoose down to Springfield on Saturday. Wild ride for sure!

So if you opened a fish store tomorrow. What you call it? I would call my store “work” That way all my fish friends and customers can tell their spouse “I’m going to Work”       

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1 minute ago, Gil&Fin said:

We must be getting close...  Anyone got a count?

Hey...never noticed the post count to the right (at least on my PC).  This is showing as #84.

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9 minutes ago, sharambil said:

How long do each of those last?

Echotech solution is an 18Ah 12v battery, which quoted run times (out of their manual) are pasted below.    

In my case, I'm a MP40 user for this backup..   So that's 36hrs/MP40 --> 0.5Ah/HOUR/MP40.  I'm eyeing a 100Ah 12V battery and intend to drive 2 MP40's from it.  So that's ~100hours... aka ~4days.

[BTW, I'm thinking TWO battery setups.  One 100Ah on 2 MP 40's on frag tanks.  2nd 100Ah on 2MP 40's on display tank.]   

I'll write up the piece parts list/etc, when I do it.


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