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SPS Frags for sale

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I have some sps for sale 

1.walt disney $ 1" $65

2.vivid rainbow 1" $50

3.ASD Acid Trip 1" $50

4.Green Slimmer 1"$30

4.Raw steel stag 1"$35, 3"$50

5.Birds Nest thicker branched 1.5"$30

6. Tierra Del Fuago 1"$50 

7.Shocker 1"$45

8.Red planet 1"$50

This list is cut to order I have some available but I do mostly cut to order heal time is 2 weeks 

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    • By bamburgb
      Hi All,
      Im looking to add more SPS, Brains, and Euphyllia  to my tank, and wondering what frags people have available and how much they are. Im mostly looking for smaller frags to watch grow out, not really looking for big colonies at the moment. 
      Some things I would really like are:
      Red Planet 
      Looking for a yellow SPS
      Interested in most Millepora
      Any torches doesn't matter what color
      Frog Spawn
      If its easier to text my number is 503-961-2504. 
    • By BeardUp
      Did I catch this guy mid dinner? It looks like he is eating my coral. I know people say the white ones are ok but what about the dark grey/black?

    • By Salted_Waffles
      Got this piece of Tierra De Fuego and would love to see anyone else’s pieces. 
      So show off your TDF!
      Some all blue shots with gel filter:

      Some 12k shots no filter:

    • By Koswizzle
      How do you earn community reputation? I usually can't post items right away because I don't have enough can someone explain how to get more?
    • By ChevApache58
      I have a nice sized red planet frag for sale. It's been growing like craZy, shooting out all over the place. Looking to get $50 for it or trade for other corals/power heads. This thing has been growing and growing since the original post, I'll add some updated pics tomorrow but it's looking really good and getting big! 

      Mother Colony!

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