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Manny's new build...

Manny Tavan

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Two months ago, when I started gluing acros on top of other corals like monti, birdsnest and psammacora that's when I realized I needed a new tank. Here is the plan. My goal is a "cheap" bare bone system that will be stocked with only acropora. So far I've got the rocks and the lights and I will be reusing some stuff from my reefer 170 breakdown (Apex, tunze ATO)


- 120G, 48x30x21 eurobraced acrylic 1/2" thickness. Peninsula style. External overflow


- 8020 aluminum stand, no skin. Topped with 1/2 inch white HPDE starboard


- 29 gallon breeder with clarisea 3000, simplicity 240DC skimmer, eheim jager 200W x 2, media bag in baffle for rowaphos and carbon, jebao DC 8000 return 


- Photon V2 50" x 2 side by side 


- 2 MP60's on the overflow end of the tank only 


- 10 gallon breeder with tunze ATO


- Addicted reef rock shelves. I have 120 lbs


- Apex

- Trident


- 2 part DOS (ESV b-ionic)

- 2 little fishies Kalk reactor


- 2 clown fish

- 2 blue damsels

- 5 to 7 yellow tangs


This thread will get updated from start to finish like my previous build





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5 hours ago, Manny Tavan said:


- 8020 aluminum stand, no skin. Topped with 1/2 inch white HPDE starboard

I used 1/2 inch black HDPE "marine board" in my build, and its great!   (I think Marine board, and Star Board are the same thing - based on this tap plastics link.)

I used one sheet on top of my stand.   I used a second sheet as the inside "floor" of my stand.  I love how sturdy if feels.



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7 minutes ago, The ReefBox said:

I use 4 mp 40’s on my tank. 48x32x18 and they are over kill.  Two mp 69’s willl have to be throttled way down IMO.  Love new builds!  I’m starting one as well

I am aiming for tsunami level of flow inside the tank so the mp60’s will probably run on full blast :)

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1 hour ago, albertareef said:

Guessing you won't have sand - or at least not for long 😄

Sand would likely end up in the sump with the amount of flow i am planning. Also it's acrylic and I hate gambling. I can scratch a glass tank like no other even bare bottom so I can't imagine what I would do with sand in an acrylic tank

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6 minutes ago, reef-fisher said:

Manny, are you using the glue and sand method? How is that working and what sand did you use? I used a finer aragonite in mine and it seems to be pretty strong. I’m excited to watch this build progress. 

I grabbed a bag of sand from addictive reef when I bought the rocks. It's a fine sand mix. I'm using that thin glue from gluemaster and honestly it's super strong. As strong as marco mortar. How I know? I stepped on of the rock by accident and the rock broke while the bond was intact lol

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