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Dosing Poly Lab Coral Amino Help!!


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Hey everyone, 

so I need some advice on dosing Reef Roids. 

How Much? How Often? Best time of day? Mix with water? What other things should I look for after I dose ( parameter wise)? Did it ever increase your Nitrates/Phophates considerably and cause Dino/Cyano? 

Just give me the full details on how you go about it and what sort of benefits or downsides you got because of it. 


My tank info 

60 gallon cube w/sump. Currently have a refugium with no protein skimmer. I have a skimmer in the sump, but don’t operate it anymore because i try to maintain a dirty tank, which is hard to do when I have it operating.


Nitrate: 1 PPM

Phosphate: 0.058 PPM 

pH: 8-8.15

Calcium: 465 PPM

kH: 10.2 

Magnesium: 1350 PPM

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I used to target feed with Reef Roids in my Reefer XL 425 (88 gal display) once per week.  I mixed about 1/2 teaspoon of Reef Roids with about 15 mL of tank water, and used a long Julian's Thing syringe to squirt the food right onto the corals.


Here's a video where I fed a scoly, so you can see the amount and consistency of the Reef Roids mixture:

I stopped using Reef Roids because it caused big increases in Phosphate levels which contributed to my battle with bubble algae.

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11 hours ago, obrien.david.j said:

There was a recent R2R thread, poling about target feeding corals.


A couple of posts in, I enjoyed this video.   Realize, this in one persons method/opinion.


That was the video I followed back when I started using Reef Roids.

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