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Green toadstool shrinking


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So I've had a real deep green toadstool almost a year now. Its done real well for the first few months and grew to be bigger than a golf ball.  Over the last few months it has shrank down to the size of a small marble.  The tentacles still come out a bit. Its not slugging off and shedding.  Is this the normal course of dying?

Water is 

435 cal, 8.5 all, 4 nitrate, almost zero phosphate.






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What else is in the tank? Anything else affected? 
My softies prefer higher nutrients so that may be something (zoas, mushrooms and toadstools). Toads do shed from what I’ve seen in my tanks but I haven’t had one shrink unless nitrates and phosphates are low or there was metal in the tank (found a rusty clamp before I switched them all to plastic). 

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Nothing has changed as far as lights, maintenance, or filtration. Everything else is growing and opening up with the exception of a cristata that always looks good, just have never grown.   I have zoas, scans, mushrooms and even a devil's hand that is growing like a weed

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