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Back with a Pico Reef


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So I have been out of the hobby for about 6 or 7 years and actually have moved away from the PNW to Texas. I at one time had 3 Reef tanks at once. One 40 gallon breeder mixed reef, a 4 gallon mixed reef at the front of the Office where I worked, and a 24 gallon custom Mixed Reef on my desk at work.

Below is a picture of my 4 Gallon AIO Reef that was actually the most stable tank I had. I ran this with nothing more than Live Rock, Filter Floss and Activated Carbon. 

I recently was gifted a Top Fin 5 Gallon AIO and decided to pull the trigger on setting up another tank. 

I added an extra return pump to help with not only flow but I also didn't think the stock pump was flowing enough for filtration. 

I went with Fluval Nano Sea (I believe is the name). I am planning on going with mostly softies (Pulsing Xenia, Zoas, Mushrooms, etc.) and LPS (Frog Spawn, Hammer Coral, Torch, etc. I should have done more reading before purchasing this light and may be upgrading to the AI SOl or Prime 16. 

I plan on adding the Hygger Mini Wave maker here soon for flow. I used to have an MP10 and loved it but am trying to do this tank on more of a budget. 

The tank has only been up for 3 days now with about 5 lbs. of life rock, Live Sand, Filter Floss, Activated Carbon, and a single Beautiful Clown Fish.  I am dosing the AquaVitro "Seed" bacteria to assist with the cycling process. 

I learned MOST of what I know about the Reefing hobby and knowledge of tank health/care from this Forum and wanted to get back on here even though I have moved away from the PNW. 


Please comment if you have any suggestions, Concerns, etc. 

I took 2 pictures of the tank, once with the blue lights turned down because of the sensitivity of blue light on Cell Phone cameras.

4 Gallon Reef.jpg

5 Gallon Reef.jpg

5 Gallon Reef White Light.jpg

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