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Purple Tang Help


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Hi all, 


I have a purple tang 30 days into qt using the humblefish copper, prazi, and metroplex method. It seemed healthy and was eating yesterday and today it's just laying on the bottom of the tank not swimming well. It's there anything I can do to help this fish? 


Salinity 1.0265 (usually 1.026, but I must have put too much saltwater in after the water change on Sunday) 

Temp 79

Ammonia undetectable 

Nitrate 20ppm

pH 7.85-8 depending on time of day

Copper 2.05ppm


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5 hours ago, bboileau92 said:

Well, after the light came on this morning it decided it was fine. It's back to harassing the solar fairy wrasse. I'll be keeping an extra close eye on him to be sure he's doing well before he goes in the display. 

Great to hear!  I mean, not the harassing the wrasse part, but the back to normal part :)

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